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  1. I just found you folks in 2016 at the stamp show in Chehalis, Wa. At the show I purchased a 8 oz bottle of Fantastic Glaze & Glue & I LOVE this stuff!! It s so easy to use & to clean up. I'm just sorry that I didn't buy the bigger bottle. I will be using this product for a long time. It doesn't take much to do the job. I have subscribed to your newsletter so I can keep up with all the tutorials & such. :)

    1. Hi Lindy Lu! I just saw your comment! Thanks so much for visiting our booth! The Glaze & Glue is one of my favorite workhorse craft tools and I use it for so many crafty projects. :)

  2. hello ladies it has been a while I love your products and what other type of crafts do you use your glue

  3. can I use the glaze and glue instead of the dots?


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