Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Bohemian Dangle Necklace!

Welcome back! Today I'm sharing a very simple bohemian dangle necklace. I refer to it as bohemian because it does not conform to any rules, it's carefree, artsy and eclectic. If I had to sum it up, it's a tossed salad of odds and ends pieced together with jump rings. This project is not so much a tutorial regarding technique as it is a flash of inspiration on using the Craft Fantastic line of products to create something a little out of the ordinary.

I kid you not when I say that I just grabbed whatever was within arms reach of my desk here at Craft Fantastic HQ. Of course, my desk is pretty much overflowing with CF goodies so this was not a challenge in any way shape or form. In fact, just the opposite. I had so much ridiculously awesome stuff to pick from I actually had to use some restraint about what I used for this project. If you decide to make something similar, I urge you to not think too much about it. Just have fun and use what's handy. I'll walk you through my project.

Let's get started...

What I used (all items are in the Antique Brass finish)

24" Rolo Chains - I used 2 of for my necklace base and one to cut into pieces.

Key Clip -  I used just the clip portion from one of our Key Chains.

Tiny Oval Duo Side Link Trays - I thought these would be fun since both sides of the tray feature a piece of glass.

Tiny Oval Glass - I needed 10 of these glass pieces to complete my Duo Side Trays.

Tiny Round Ornate Tray - Just a pretty little something to add to the mix.

Tiny Round Glass - I needed just one piece for my Ornate Tray.

Multi Purpose Pliers - Two pairs are a must when working with jump rings.

Cotton Swabs 


I reached for whatever was handy and this was what I came up with. Not too shabby. I even had a tray already made up with the glass and a charm attached. I think this must have been part of an earring set at one time and it became separated from not only its partner, but its ear wire, as well. Oh well, waste not, want not. In it goes!  

I started by making my glass pieces. I opted for some colorful images I found on our Washi Art Image Sheet. The petite patterns work so well with the tiny glass! 

Using the Fantastic Jeweler's Dots, I pressed each piece of glass into the trays. I always apply the dot to the tray, slightly burnishing it down with my fingernail. Then I peel off the backing to expose the adhesive and firmly press my piece of glass into the tray, which creates a strong bond between the tray and glass. We're pretty rough with the samples around Craft Fantastic HQ, but I have never had a piece of glass fall out of a tray. Those Fantastic Jeweler's Dots are something fierce!

I cut the center of one of the rolo chains and attached a jump ring to each end. Next I added my key clip to the two rings to give it a modern look. This will be the foundation of the dangling elements. 


Using the extra rolo chain, I cut pieces of varying lengths to dangle my trays and charms from. I attached everything using my handy dandy multi purpose pliers and lots of jump rings. 

Once everything is put together I am left with a playful, one-of-a-kind, dangling, necklace showpiece, sure to turn heads and invite conversation. 

Here's an upclose look. Fun, huh! I imagine this piece adorning a simple white tee, accompanied by a flowing, tiered, gypsy-style skirt, awash in vibrant colors and patterns.  

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