Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing a very special bracelet I made using these wonderful products from Craft Fantastic. As Mother’s Day is approaching next month on Sunday, May 13th you still have plenty of time to order this amazing kit and make several handmade gifts for all the special ladies in your life.

Let's get started in 4 easy steps:

1.  I started with a Retro Square Bracelet Kit in antique brass which includes one bracelet and 8 Glass Squares.  

2.  Next choose from hundreds of Craft Fantastic images, which is always the hard part. I love them all! Or choose this *NEW* Sewing mini image sheet, like I used, because it reminded me of those sewing patterns from my childhood.

3.  Add a few drops of Fantastic Glaze & Glue on the back of each Glass Squares and press gently for a few minutes and hold until set. Repeat until you have eight amazing images. Wipe off any excess glue around the edges with a Q-tip.

4.  Once dry, cut around the glass and cut out the images. Adhere a Fantastic Super Sticky Dot to each square space on the bracelet and remove the red backing. I suggest laying out your images in a row to decide where to place each image first, before you add them to the bracelet and complete. 

Voila! There you have a uniquely designed gift for Mother's Day or any upcoming occasions like Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Mama gift or special gifts for a seamstress, crafter, fashionista or any special day.

Be sure to check out our *NEW* Designer Kits-of-the Month and get started designing special gifts and keep a few for yourself too, because they are stunning! The possibilities are truly endless with these super fantastic products! Thanks for stopping by!

Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset

Wednesday, April 25, 2018


One of my all time favorite CRAFT FANTASTIC image sheets is the OLD MEXICO all jeweler's glass sizes.  Today I will show you a PENDANT and EARRINGS set I made with the rose images

This was a quick and easy project using the following CRAFT FANTASTIC products:

OLD MEXICO image sheet
SMALL JUMP RING antique brass
PINCH BAIL antique brass
FRENCH EARWIRES antique brass
BALL CHAIN 24" antique brass
LOOP ROPE TRAY antique brass
TWIST LINK TRAY antique brass

Once I chose my images I adhered the glass rounds to the images that I cut out from the image sheet.
When they were dry I put them into the trays using the super sticky dots.

I attached the charms to the tray using a small jump ring, and then I attached the earwire to the tray.
This is a very quick and easy project that took under 30 minutes. This is why I love CRAFT FANTASTIC! So many possibilities!  Endless ideas!

Sunday, April 22, 2018

When Life Gives You Lemons....

Hi Everyone! Sometimes life hands you lemons, and in this crafters case, my lemons are in the form of a sequin explosion. Yup, you guessed it. Sequins everywhere!!!! I was working on a project and well fur babies and well, you get the idea.  So as I was trying to somehow contain the sequin chaos, I thought, ya know what could be pretty? Yup unicorn syndrome. Most crafters suffer from it. It is that Oooohhhhhh shiny syndrome. So without further ado....

I am using a large round glass and have applied glaze and glue, then sprinkled on sequins. Please note these are flat sequins, not the bowl type. I added more glaze and glue and more sequins. I kept a clear plastic piece of packaging I had laying around and used that to flatten the sequins to the glass. I then let this dry.  I did use super sticky dots to attach the glass to the pendant as usual, and actually did use  a bit extra to make sure the pendant stays stuck as the bottom isn't perfectly flat.   A Large Round Pendant Tray and A Rolo Chain  complete the necklace!

Quick, easy, and I have at least a few less sequins to clean up!

I love how much it sparkles and catches the light! What did you think of this project? Try it! I can't wait to see what you come up with!



Saturday, April 14, 2018


Last week one of our CRAFT FANTASTIC DESIGN TEAM members, Kymona, celebrated her birthday!  Kymona is probably one of the most craftiest people I've encountered over social media.  She does it all and I believe she works full time and is a mother.  Needless to say I envy her and her ability to do so much crafting.  If only...........

Kymona recently has discovered sewing.  She posts all her fantastic projects on social media and for a beginner she is FANTASTIC!  How ironic that CRAFT FANTASTIC came out recently with sewing related images and charms.  The project I am doing today on the blog is a gift for Kymona and when she sends me her address I will mail it to her.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY CRAFTY LADY!


I attached the charm with a large jump ring silver, and unscrewed the ball off the slider bangle to put the tray on the bracelet.  I then chose an image from the image sheet using the fantastic glaze and glue with a small round jeweler's glass.  Once dry I cut the image out and put it in the tray using the super sticky dots.

This is a very quick and easy project.  Perfect for anyone who sews!  Hope you like it Kymona!

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Special Graduation Gifts

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing some super fun graduation gifts that have a personalized touch using Craft Fantastic products and special photos you can print from home. Just perfect for those upcoming Graduations.

Let's get started in 5 easy steps:

1. Choose from hundreds of Craft Fantastic images. Or print your own photos or internet images on regular copy paper, like I did today for these graduation gifts. More printing tips "here."

2. Add a few drops of Fantastic Glaze & Glue on the back of MEDIUM GLASS ROUNDS and press gently for a few minutes until set. Wipe off any excess glue around the edges with a Q-tip.

3. Once dry, cut around the glass and cut out the image. Copy paper is thin so you may want to add some Fantastic Glaze & Glue on the back of the glass image to make it stronger and seal your printed images. Allow to dry. Tips on Printing photos and images at home on copy paper "here"

4. Adhere a Fantastic Super Sticky Dot. Add more dots if your tray is larger. Remove red sticky dot backing and place glass image into a tray.

5. Just add a Chain, Key Ring, or Charms with jump rings to complete.

Whether your child is graduating kindergarten, middle school, high school or college, these are so fun, unique, and affordable to commemorate those special achievements. Search and print a bunch of images in your graduates school colors or school emblem for a special gift for your child, their close friends, the parents, and grandparents too! So fun for everybody!

This personalized key ring has wing charms for your graduate to fly into their future. Commemorate college acceptance schools with this special double sided tray. So fun to choose multiple images or emblems like these graduation messages and like my hubbys ol' college Alma mater "AU" shown below. (images found on the internet)

Add a chain and turn this double sided tray into a special pendant for your grad or alumni friends and family. They will cherish these and wear them proudly, especially on game days!  I would.  Wouldn't you?

 Here are some more fun charms to personalize your grads double sided key chain with a more masculine flair. (image found on the internet)

Add a chain and turn this double sided tray into another fun and special pendant for your grad. (image found on the internet)

Voila! There you have several unique gifts for those special kids on your upcoming graduation list. Or surprise your family and friends and make a few extras of their favorite schools/teams. They will love them! Mine below is a dog tag type tray for "UM" football and I wear it proudly, even though I'm surrounded by the Crimson Tide or AU Tigers, but it's all fun and games. Ha! #GOBLUE (image found on the internet)

Be sure to check out our *NEW* Designer Kits-of-the Month and get started on gifts for Mother's Day May 13th or other upcoming occasions. And keep a few for yourself too, because they are stunning!  The possibilities are truly endless with these super fantastic products! Thanks for stopping by!

Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset

LONG RECTANGLE PENDANT TRAY silver (top photo project)

Friday, April 6, 2018

Something Quick and Easy With Craft Fantastic

Hi Everyone! Today I have a fun and easy way to help you get organized. Do you have pieces left from other projects that are really pretty and you want to use every little bit and waste nothing? Ok, maybe that is just me. Well here is an idea for those leftover pieces!
Look through your scrap pieces and take some of your Craft Fantastic Jewelers Glass. I took some scraps that I couldn't bear to part with. I took the image sheet called Collage Words and chose some words and used Glaze and Glue to attach the words to the papers I wanted to use and then attached the glass on top. Next I trimmed around and added a magnet to the back. Simple and quick!
And now those bits are not only not wasted, but I can continue to enjoy them and work on getting myself organized all at the same time!

Hope you have enjoyed this easy project. Let me know if you give it a try!