Thursday, March 30, 2017

Girly Parisian Mini Album by Rina Meyers

Rina Meyers returns to Craft Fantastic and she's sharing a video detailing one of her exquisite Mini Albums! She shows you how to easily incorporate Craft Fantastic trays, glass and findings into your favorite paper projects. Add decorative papers, artwork and photos to custom create embellishments that perfectly coordinate with any art piece!

Take a look at her newest creation...

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Looking for the supplies used in Rina's mini album? Visit the Craft Fantastic online store!

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Flower Resin Cabs/A Little Shabby Chic

I love the Flower Resin Cabs, they remind me of vintage buttons, just a touch of shabby chic!
They come in assorted colors and my favorite is to pair the black cabs with antique silver trays and the other colors with the antique brass trays.  Products used in making the above projects are:

New Peacock Tray in Antique Brass and Antique Silver
New Scallop Tray in Antique Brass and Antique Silver
Flower Resin Cabs (black, soft peach, dusty lilac and pale yellow)
pinch bails brass and silver
Retro Round Bracelet Kit Antique Brass
24" rolo chain brass/silver
24" classic chain brass/silver
Fantastic Glue and Glaze
Fantastic (Sticky) Jeweler's Dots

The Retro Round Bracelet Kit comes with 8 small glass rounds if you want to make a bracelet with images instead of using the cabs ( as shown in the above photo).

I started by adding a sticky dot to all the trays, however, when working with the resin cabs you may want to stack 2/3 dots as to insure proper adherence to the tray.  I sometimes add just a dab of the Fantastic Glaze and Glue to the tray also.  Then I added all the cabs to the trays and bracelet and put them on the 24" chains.  The bracelet is elastic so it will fit all wrists. 

The new Scallop trays will require a pinch bail or a jump ring so you can then attach the tray to the 24" chain of your choice.  I like the look of these trays with the flower resin cabs on a 24" chain, to give a more of a classic looking necklace/pendant.

I just love all the new trays that Craft Fantastic is adding and it creates endless possibilities when making new jewelry! Please check out my Facebook page Junquedrawerdesigns and also my blog with the same name. See you in 2 weeks!  Liz 

Saturday, March 25, 2017

Creating a Planner Charm or Key Chain

Hello everyone!!  Kymona here from Kreative Kymona to show you that you can used Craft Fantastic products to create a planner charm or key chain.

I love the planner community and all of the fun goodies they use in their planner.  So I decided, why not create a couple of charms to attach to a planner!

Let's take a look:

A Butterfly Charm

A Initial Charm

Take a look at how they look in your planner:

The possibilities are endless when it comes to creating these charms.  

Guess what! These same charms could be used as Key Chains as well!  Yes. Your keys will fit on this ring and give your keys personality.  

Take a look:

So what do you think?  Would you give these planner charms or key chains a try? Please let me know below.  I would love to hear from you!!

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Supplies used:

Thanks for stopping by!!

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Any Harry Potter Fans Out There? Craft Fantastic is Perfect for Custom Projects!


Hi All! Do you have any Harry Potter fans in your life? I certainly do! My baby is a huge Harry Potter fan and her birthday is coming up! Customizing with  Craft Fantastic for that perfect gift to the rescue! Today we will make three projects that are being customized for my harry Potter fan, but you can customize these whether you us personal photos or other images that have special meaning for that special person.

First up is our Black Retro Posh Bracelet. This bracelet comes with six large glass ovals. These are perfect for pretty good size images and would also be great for images of family, friends, and even fur babies.

I chose for this the Hogwarts Crest and the various Hogwarts House Crests. I found images on the internet and brought them into Microsoft Word. I made sure I sized them to fit the glass and printed them out on my printer. I then took the color printouts and made color copies. I used the color copies for my actual project. The rest is simple, apply Fantastic Glaze and Glue to the flat side of the glass and place over the image. Wiggle to make sure the glue is spread over the entire image and make sure you have the glass over the image as you want it to appear. Hold in place until it stops wiggling. Use a Q-tip around the edges to wipe off any excess glue. Then take a scissor and trim around the edges holding the scissor at a forty five degree angle.This will allow you to get a closer cut to the glass.

 I did use four Fantastic Jewelers Dots per glass piece. This is probably a little excessive, but my recipient is going to be eleven and she can give a bracelet a workout. Check out the finished project!

Next up is an adorable Harry Potter necklace. Again I followed the same procedure for grabbing an image as above. I used the Small Rectangle Pendant Kit in Silver. Both the tray and the glass come in this kit. Follow the same procedure as above using Fantastic Glaze and Glue and adhering to the tray using Fantastic Jewelers Dots. For this I only used two dots.

I then finished this project off with a 24 inch Silver Ball Chain.  How cute is this!

And finally, a ticket on the Hogwarts Express! I used a craft tag and used Fantastic Glaze and Glue to adhere a Hogwarts ticket image to the tag. Next I took one of the adorable Owl Tray in Silver and using the Hogwarts crest adhered the image to a Medium Glass Round and attached the glass to the owl tray with  Fantastic Jewelers Dots. I then attached the owl tray to the tag using ribbons in Hogwarts colors. This will be perfect either for a card or as a bookmark for my daughter!

What do you think?

As always, i do hope you have enjoyed these fun projects and please post in the comments below if you have any questions at all!



Saturday, March 18, 2017

Paris Collage Bracelet

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing another gorgeous project I made with these fantastic products and art collage. I got inspired by Paris in the spring time, covered in flowers, and butterflies. And if you are a fan of collage or mixed media, you’re going to love this project. Each section is a mini work of art with these stunning images from Craft Fantastic.

Let’s get started:

1.  Pick your images. I choose mostly images from the Paris sheet, one with a fancy Paris text and added a yellow rose for more color. Next I chose our Retro Posh Bracelet that comes with six trays already attached and six oval glass pieces. 

2. The oval glass is larger than the images and the images alone don’t fill the whole oval space. So, I cut out six square Paris images, added some Craft Fantastic Glaze & Glue onto the backs of the squares and glued them onto this sheet of Paris themed pattern paper (as shown above). Let dry for a minute. And I think it goes really well, don’t you? Only you will know they were once separate pieces.

3. Next add several drops of Craft Fantastic Glaze & Glue onto the flat part of a glass oval and place over each image, one at a time (as shown above). Let dry a few minutes. 

 4. Use a Q-tip to remove any excess glue around the edges of the glass. Once dry, cut around the edges of the glass, and cut out your images. 

5. Place three Fantastic Jewelers Dots in each oval tray, remove red backing, and place glass oval images into each tray and press down.  And voila!  Another stunning piece of art you can wear on your arm or give as a super special gift. 

For more details check out the Craft Fantastic tutorials HERE.

I hope I’ve inspired you to try these fantastic products with your paper crafting supplies again. Because the possibilities are truly endless! Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think, we’d love to hear from you. Thanks for stopping by! 

~Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset

Craft Fantastic Supplies: 
Authentique Classique: Pretty-6x6 Patterned Paper Collection (retired, but available online)

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's A Ring Thing

Hello this is Liz from Junquedrawerdesigns and today I'd like to show you how much fun it is to make rings. I love looking for all types of fun and unique images whether it be from a Craft Fantastic image sheet or from magazines, photos, or just plain old card stock.

This is a Small Oval Rope Ring antique silver and I chose the image from Craft Fantastic's Flappers all jewelers glass size Image Sheet.

When I do the craft shows one of the best selling pieces I make are the rings. Craft Fantastic's rings are adjustable so they are for every size finger. The rings are a piece of jewelery that can add a lot of personality to whoever wears them. The rings are so easy to make and they are done in a snap!  Just pick your image and apply the glaze to the glass and then onto the image, let dry,cut, and affix it to the ring tray with a Fantastic Jeweler's dot.

The above photos are several of all the rings I have made using these following materials:
(The rings are displayed in rice as it's hard to prop them up without wearing them to see the images)

Small Oval Rope Ring Antique Silver
Small Glass Ovals
Mini Round Rope Ring Antique Silver
Mini Glass Rounds
Fantastic Glaze and Glue
Fantastic Jeweler's Dots
Flappers Image Sheet

All of these products can be purchased on the Craft Fantastic website and don't forget to check out the Craft Fantastic Blog for more creative ideas!!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Faith Necklace

Hello everyone!!  Kymona here from Kreative Kymona with a special Faith Necklace to share with you.

One of my design team members from another team, was just diagnosed with a terminal illness.  I can't image what she is going through.  What do you say to her?  How do we show her we stand with her in this fight.

I decided to make her a Faith Necklace, take a look:

Here are the reasons I decided to create this Faith Necklace for her:

1. To remind her to have faith in the higher power she believes in.

2. To put a smile on her face.

3. To give her something that was especially made, by hand, for her.

4. To let her know that I'm thinking of her everyday.

5. To keep her included in the craft world.

I hope she truly understand that no matter what happens she knows that she is loved by people she has never met in person!!

So what do you think?  Would you give this jewelry making a try? Please let me know below.  I would love to hear from you!!

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Supplies used:

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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

A Touch Of The Southwest Pendant

Hi All and Happy Tuesday! Today I am bringing you a really fun Touch Of The Southwest Pendant. I warn you, this is one technique that is so much fun that you may want to get some extra glass. Once you start it is hard to stop!

Ok, lets get started! For this project you will need three strands from the Faux Leather Necklaces Assortment, Small Silver Jump Rings, Multi Purpose Jewelry Pliers, Fantastic Jewelers Dots, One Opera Tray and Medium Glass Oval from the March Kit Of The Month, and nail polish!

Please note, the picture shows large jump rings butI realized in order to be able to take the leather cord on and off the pendant you need the small jump rings to fit through the loop attached to the Opera Pendant, and also I inadvertantly left off the wire cutter.

First, on the flat side of the jewelers glass you must remember that you are going to apply the nail polish from the top layer first. I have used two different shades of glitter polish for this first layer.

Then I applied two different shades of turquoise nail polish.

Your first layers should be transparent, and as you add layers, the layers should become more of an opaque coverage. Set this aside to dry.

While this is drying you are going to take three leather strands and snip off the clasp pieces from both ends. Using a small jump ring on each side attach the three leather strands so that they form one piece. Using the pieces that you clipped off, add the clasp onto one jump ring and the chain piece on the other jump ring.

Once your pendant is dry, adhere to the opera pendant using the Fantastic Jewelers dots and thread your leather necklace through! And there you have A Touch Of The Southwest!

Try this technique using various shades of polish along with various specialty coats! Can't wait to see what you all come up with! And make sure to check out our Shows and Workshops page on the Craft Fantastic webpage and come out to see the amazing Craft Fantastic Team when we are in your area!