Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's A Ring Thing

Hello this is Liz from Junquedrawerdesigns and today I'd like to show you how much fun it is to make rings. I love looking for all types of fun and unique images whether it be from a Craft Fantastic image sheet or from magazines, photos, or just plain old card stock.

This is a Small Oval Rope Ring antique silver and I chose the image from Craft Fantastic's Flappers all jewelers glass size Image Sheet.

When I do the craft shows one of the best selling pieces I make are the rings. Craft Fantastic's rings are adjustable so they are for every size finger. The rings are a piece of jewelery that can add a lot of personality to whoever wears them. The rings are so easy to make and they are done in a snap!  Just pick your image and apply the glaze to the glass and then onto the image, let dry,cut, and affix it to the ring tray with a Fantastic Jeweler's dot.

The above photos are several of all the rings I have made using these following materials:
(The rings are displayed in rice as it's hard to prop them up without wearing them to see the images)

Small Oval Rope Ring Antique Silver
Small Glass Ovals
Mini Round Rope Ring Antique Silver
Mini Glass Rounds
Fantastic Glaze and Glue
Fantastic Jeweler's Dots
Flappers Image Sheet

All of these products can be purchased on the Craft Fantastic website and don't forget to check out the Craft Fantastic Blog for more creative ideas!!


  1. Awesome rings Liz!! I need to check out the shop!

  2. Liz I Love These!!!!! I will have to make some of these!


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