Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Faux Leather Necklace 5 Ways!

I love the versatility of the Craft Fantastic components! I can dismantle one piece intended to be worn a certain way and completely transform it into something spectacular by reconfiguring and adding other products from the line. My designs can be as simple or complex as I want to make them. This creative freedom gives me LOTS of design options.  

Today I'm working with the Faux Leather Necklace. Yesterday, in a flash of inspiration, I was hit with ideas for 5 different ways to wear this fabulous piece! Some are easy and some are a little more involved, but each results in something fun and unexpected!

I'll start with the simplest project. I've noticed online that many stylish folks are sporting necklaces that utilize more than one type and texture of neckwear, frequently pairing a leather cord with a metal chain and sometimes even adding a sheer ribbon. Here I've cut a 24" Rolo Chain to the size of the Faux Leather Necklace and rearranged my jump rings to finish it as one piece. Very easy to do, but that added metal detail really elevates this simple pendant into a fashionable accessory.  

This next piece requires no additional components. Instead, I've opted to attach it to my tray using the same technique we use with the Faux Leather Bracelets. I pinch the Faux Leather necklace in half and push it through the top loop of the tray. Then I string the loose ends of my necklace through the loop of the leather cord to create a knot. A simply change in how the tray is attached creates a modern, youthful piece. Find my Faux Leather Bracelet tutorial with step by step photos and instructions HERE

Here is a variation of the previous necklace. This time I've attached two Faux Leather Necklaces creating a double cord on each side of the necklace. This gives the necklace a more substantial feel and balances the three link trays pictured.  

Here, I've removed all of the hardware from a Faux Leather Necklace and added two Charm Bracelets to create a long, dramatic necklace. This piece is perfect to wear on it's own, or layer with shorter pieces for a casual, carefree style. 

I'll end with the piece de resistance of my Faux Leather Necklace projects. Here I braided 3 Faux Leather Necklaces and a Rolo Chain together, again mixing my textures and materials. I attached two Charm Bracelets to create another long, dramatic piece and added some of our newest trays for whimsical interest. I LOVE this look! 

I know I say this every time, but these were truly fun to make! The finished pieces look completely different from the original Faux Leather Necklaces and the projects are thoughtful and unique. I'm sure there are many more ways to transform these simple necklaces. Please share your design ideas with me at I would LOVE to see what you're working on!

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See you soon with something NEW and CRAFTY!