Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Elegant Rose Connector Pendant Necklace!

My favorite part of our line? Connectors. Hands down. They're more functional than charms, yet just as beautiful. They serve to link up all sort of interesting pieces and really allow the maker to share part of their personality in their art. 

Here I've created a simple opera length pendant designed without a clasp. Easy to put on; it hangs at an elegant length. Matching earrings makes this set extra special.

This is not really a tutorial. Instead, it's a recipe for you to create this piece at home.

What You'll Need



Needed for Both

I removed the lobster clasp and jump rings from a 30" rolo chain then trimmed it down to 20" using scissors. Next I attached the following to each end:

small jump ring
long rose connector
small jump ring
1" length of rolo chain (8 links)
small jump ring
long rose connector
small jump ring
1" length of rolo chain (8 links)
small jump ring

After I added these components to each end I connected the ends together using a large jump ring and added a long rectangle pendant tray. Voila! My elegant opera length pendant necklace is complete! 

The earrings were simple to make. I started with ear wires, attached a long rose connector, then a small jump ring, and finally a mini round charm tray. Easy peasy! 

A gorgeous necklace and earrings set ready to wear or to give! 

I have so many ideas for this...a special hostess gift, a custom creation for a favorite teacher, a mother's day gift for mom, a birthday gift for an aunt, a "just because" gift for my crafty gal pal...oh dear, I could just go and on!

Here it is one more time modeled by our Craft Fantastic team member, Suzanne :) The length is perfect and looks stunning against her gorgeous white tunic!

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See you next week with something new! 

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Braided Double Wrap Bracelet!

I am flipping out over these new Faux Leather Necklaces! So much so that I can't wait to share my latest project with you. I've simply removed the hardware, braided three cords together added new hardware and created a ridiculously fun Double Wrap Bracelet! 

What You'll Need

Craft Fantastic Faux Leather Necklaces - You'll need 3 in whatever color combo your heart desires. Or use 3 cords in one color for a cleaner look.

It's crazy to think that just a few simple supplies will yield a beautiful bracelet in about 15 minutes.

Using pliers remove the jump rings and hardware from each end of the Faux Leather Necklaces.

String a small jump ring through the loops on one end of the necklaces. Add a lobster clasp before closing the jump ring.

I used the lobster clasps that we carry in the online store. They are a little larger than the clasps I removed, but I think the large size makes them easier to open and close on a bracelet.

Now I'm ready to braid. 

Securely holding the end sporting the lobster clasp between my index finger and middle finger, I lay the black cord over the purple cord so that it sits in the middle of the three cords.

Next, I lay the aqua cord over the black cord so that it sits in the middle of the three cords.

Next, I lay the purple cord over the aqua cord and continue in this manner.

After only a few minutes, my bracelet is really beginning to take shape.

I've reached the end of my braid.

I'll loop all of these ends together with another small jump ring.

I added another small jump ring and affixed one of the shortened extender chains that I originally removed from one of the cords at the beginning of the project. 

Fast, easy, fun!

I've added a mini round charm tray to give my piece even more personality.

WOW! That was fast! A fabulous braided bracelet in about 15 minutes! I think I'll make several of these and hold on to them for upcoming birthday, graduation and hostess gifts. Plus I'll need a few just for me, too :)

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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Introducing our NEW Faux Leather Necklace!

We're expanding our neckwear line at Craft Fantastic with the addition of a new leatherette cord. The look is fresh, clean, and modern and you're going to love how it pairs with our trays and findings!

The cords come in an array of colors to match our Faux Leather Bracelets. The 18" length is short enough to stylishly dress up the collar of a blouse or expand the length by 3" and wear it longer. Bold enough to showcase a larger tray, yet simple enough to delicately balance our petite trays. Wear them layered with other Craft Fantastic neckwear for a trendy bohemian flare. The possibilities are endless!

I've created some quick samples featuring the Faux Leather Necklaces and some of our newest tays. Take a look!

An image from our NEW Numbers #2 Art Image Sheet and our Mini Round Pendant Trays. This would be a great gift for the 2016 graduate!

This cord looks amazing paired with our brand NEW Grand Cross Tray! I paired it with the El Nopal image from our Old Mexico Art Image Sheet. I LOVE the Southwestern feel of this piece! 

Here's a trio of samples. The necklace on the far left features our NEW Opera Tray and an image from our classic Woodblock Butterflies Art Image Sheet. 

These Faux Leather Cords are available on the Craft Fantastic Website NOW! Visit our online shop to peruse all of our Latest and Greatest designs! 

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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Elegant Multi-Strand Pendant!


I was so inspired with the multi-strand, mixed metal necklace I featured on the blog last week that I just had to keep going! I have so many ideas that were sparked by that simple piece I don't even know where to start, however, I'm in a clean and elegant frame of mind, so I'll stick with the simple theme this week.

As I draped my finished piece from last week onto a black velvet neckwear display stand I couldn't help but picture a beautiful chunky pendant hanging from it. This week I have pared down that multi-strand necklace from 8 chains to just 3 and added a large basic pendant. The effort was minimal, but the results are rich and sophisticated. The additional chains give the pendants a lush feel. The look is substantial and tricks the eye into thinking this is a lavish, high-end piece.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is a recipe to create this special multi-strand design. Refer to last week's tutorial to see the mechanics of creating this necklace.

What You'll Need

Craft Fantastic Rolo Chains - 3 chains in your choice of finish and length.

Craft Fantastic Small Jump Rings

Craft Fantastic Large Jump Rings

Craft Fantastic Lobster Clasp

Craft Fantastic Pendant - You'll need a pendant with a large enough bail to accommodate 3 rolo chains.

Craft Fantastic Glass Cabochon - To match the size of your pendant.


I am really smitten with this multi-strand design and I hope you are, too! The additional chains add so  much eye-catching detail, but maintain a sleek profile. Give this project a try and share your pics with us on the Craft Fantastic Facebook Page! 

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See you next week!