Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Elegant Multi-Strand Pendant!


I was so inspired with the multi-strand, mixed metal necklace I featured on the blog last week that I just had to keep going! I have so many ideas that were sparked by that simple piece I don't even know where to start, however, I'm in a clean and elegant frame of mind, so I'll stick with the simple theme this week.

As I draped my finished piece from last week onto a black velvet neckwear display stand I couldn't help but picture a beautiful chunky pendant hanging from it. This week I have pared down that multi-strand necklace from 8 chains to just 3 and added a large basic pendant. The effort was minimal, but the results are rich and sophisticated. The additional chains give the pendants a lush feel. The look is substantial and tricks the eye into thinking this is a lavish, high-end piece.

This is not so much a tutorial as it is a recipe to create this special multi-strand design. Refer to last week's tutorial to see the mechanics of creating this necklace.

What You'll Need

Craft Fantastic Rolo Chains - 3 chains in your choice of finish and length.

Craft Fantastic Small Jump Rings

Craft Fantastic Large Jump Rings

Craft Fantastic Lobster Clasp

Craft Fantastic Pendant - You'll need a pendant with a large enough bail to accommodate 3 rolo chains.

Craft Fantastic Glass Cabochon - To match the size of your pendant.


I am really smitten with this multi-strand design and I hope you are, too! The additional chains add so  much eye-catching detail, but maintain a sleek profile. Give this project a try and share your pics with us on the Craft Fantastic Facebook Page! 

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See you next week!

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