Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Easy Lobster Clasp Bracelet!

I love quick projects that result in something unusual and today's tutorial does just that. Several months ago, Craft Fantastic elite team member, Debbie, sent me some photos of samples that she created for her booth. One of the photos included a bracelet that she had configured from a medium square link tray, chain, lobster clasps and jump rings. I stored this neat little bracelet idea in the back of my brain knowing that I would one day use it on the blog. And today is that day.

Let's get started...

 What You'll Need 

Craft Fantastic Medium Square Link Trays - Round link trays will work, as well.

Craft Fantastic Rolo Chain - Rolo works the best as it consists of links that can easily be cut.


As with all my tutorials, there are not a lot of supplies required to complete this project. Just some basic Craft Fantastic products, a couple of pairs of pliers and a pair of scissors is all that's needed to begin.

I started by making my glass pieces. I decided to create 4 bracelets, 2 in each finish, so I made 4 glass pieces. Next I took a Rolo Chain and cut it using scissors. I removed the existing lobster clasp as it was a different size from the clasps I decided to use. You'll notice in these pictures I started with 2 pieces of chain, but in the finished bracelets I actually used 3 pieces of chain. I found this to be better balanced when worn on the wrist.

I attached the 3 pieces of chain to a lobster clasp using a small jump ring. Next, I attached a small jump ring to each link on the medium square link tray, then attached a large jump ring to each side, as well. 

I cut the other end of the chain to create a bracelet approximately 7 1/2" long including the clasps. You can cut it shorter or longer as necessary. I attached a lobster clasp to the end using a small jump ring.

Here they are finished and ready to wear!

I completed 2 in antique brass and 2 in silver. 

Here's a closer look. This one features an image from our Butterflies Art Image Sheet.

How about a Parisian theme? This image is from our Paris Art Image Sheet.

A bit of floral loveliness from our Porcelain Art Image Sheet.

And finally a beautiful rose from our Old Mexico Art Image Sheet.

These were certainly easy to create and I love that they started out as supplies more suited to making a necklace. Try this one at home and send me pictures of your creations. We love to see what our Crafty Friends are working on.

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  1. Love all of your products! Just made bracelets and rings with batique material. They turned out cool!


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