Thursday, January 14, 2016

Valentine's Day Purse Fob!

Welcome to our first project of the New Year! Today we're gearing up for Valentine's Day with a couple of special projects for the lovely Gal Pals in our lives that make our hearts sing. You know who they are...our moms, sisters, cousins, besties; all the beautiful women that make our lives full. They've reared us, shaped us, lent us a shoulder when we needed to cry, told us a joke when we needed to laugh, and we LOVE them for it! So why not tell them with a handmade gift.

    Let's get started...

What You'll Need

Craft Fantastic Assorted Fancy Trays - I used the Heart Key, Medium Fancy Heart, and Small Heart Charm Trays.

Craft Fantastic Assorted Glass Cabochons - Small Glass Rounds, Medium Glass Hearts, Small Glass Hearts (these are available as a kit with the Small Heart Charm Trays).

Assorted Craft Fantastic Charms - Heart, Flower Heart, Bird Connector Charms.

Craft Fantastic Multi Purpose Pliers - 2 pairs make the addition of jump rings quick and easy.


Cotton Swabs

I've rounded up my supplies, now I'm ready to make something fabulous for my gal pals! I started by selecting images and adding them to my glass cabochons. I chose to add their initials to make them even more personal. In this case, these are for my lovely coworkers Jenny and Shay! If you need a refresher on how to add the images to the glass, you can find it HERE

After I made my glass pieces and affixed them into the corresponding trays with jeweler's dots, I laid out my pieces to get an idea of how I wanted to put this fob together. 

I used a 24" rolo chain cut into various lengths to attach my trays. Nothing fancy needed to cut the chain, just a pair of dollar store scissors. 

I attached the chain to the charms and trays using small jump rings, then attached each of these strands to large jump rings. Then I added the large jump rings to the ring of the key clip.

There! All put together and ready to give!

I made Jenny's in the antique brass finish.

I don't know which one I like better! 

Here's Jenny's in action! Attach it to the zipper or to the ring on the strap. 

Here's Shay's! The silver finish looks great against that blue! 

Did you enjoy today's project as much as I did? I cannot tell you how good it feels to make something special for people you care about :) If you decide to make this project or something else for Valentine's Day, please share it with us on our Craft Fantastic Facebook Page  or email it to me at We LOVE to see what you're working on! 

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  1. I LOVE-LOVE-LOVE all your products. I'm so glad I found you at the Denver Expo and learned how to use your wonderful products. My sister and I made necklaces and earring Christmas gift sets for all our family and some lucky friends. And our having a blast making things for ourselves too. Great ideas! -Kim Klinkovsky @ My Kraft Kloset artist fan page.

    1. Kim, that's great to hear! Thanks for sharing our Facebook posts and being such a fabulous supporter :) - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

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  2. My sister Suzette Edick and I love all your products
    Thank you,

    Bernadette Todd

    1. We're so happy that you and Suzette love the products! Thanks so much for the kind words! - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

  3. Yes it is true Bernatedde Todd and myself Suzette Edick loves working with your product.

    1. Thanks, Suzette! That means the world to us at Craft Fantastic! - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

  4. I love your craft fantastic items. I would love to give one of these purse fobs to my mom and include a picture of my kids in it. Thanks for the chance to win a set!

    1. So happy you love the products, Wanda! That would be such a sweet gift for your mom! - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

  5. Craft fantastic junkie here! Love everything! I may need to restock!

    1. Hi, Judy! You know where to find us when you need more :) If you order online and you're local, you can arrange to pick it up at the warehouse on Wednesdays, between 11am - 1pm. I'll refund your shipping charges, too! Just call us and tell us to pull your order. - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

  6. I love this project. Love seeing the picture tutorial. I am a visual person.

    1. Thanks so much, Cindy! I'm so happy you like the picture tutorial. I'm a visual person too so pictures are always a plus :) - Cheryl Valadez for Craft Fantastic

  7. notice the J on the purse fob, it stands for Julie and her best friend of 47 years Maggi lol :)

  8. Love, love, love your products and ideas!!! Keep them coming!!!

  9. Amazing idea! I love your products so much that I have a few already made...
    Waiting for some project. Now, they'reinstant gifts!! Thank you SO much.

  10. Love this project - keep these ideas coming! Is there a kit to make one of these?

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