Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Blog in Review: our most popular posts in 2015!

When we introduced the blog in 2015, our goal was to inspire you to use the Craft Fantastic line of products in new and unique ways. Each week we shared a new technique or project using a few modest tools to create pieces with surprising results. The response was overwhelming and we appreciate you making our blog part of your busy week. We've got lots more planned for 2016 so keep coming back!

We've gathered our ten most popular posts from 2015 here in case you missed them or just need a refresher to get the New Year off to a crafty start. Enjoy!  

1. Faux Turquoise Water Marbling Technique - This easy water marbling technique proved to really peak your interest! Just a few simple supplies are all you really need to create unique designs that will have your craftiest friends asking "How did you do that"?  

2. Printing Photos and Images at Home - I answer all of your questions regarding printing images at home, from paper to ink and everything in between. You'll want to bookmark this post and keep it as a handy reference.

3. Nail Polish Technique Using Craft Fantastic Glass - So easy yet the results are stunning! Take your Craft Fantastic projects to the next level with one simple product that's probably gathering dust in your medicine cabinet.

4. Painting Designs on Craft Fantastic Glass Using Nail Polish - Part 2 of the nail polish series! In this post I showed you how to add a few eye-catching details that are certain to turn heads.

5. Craft Fantastic & Glitter, Part 2 - Why are we naturally enchanted with glitter? Because. It's. Awesome! Here I showed you how to easily incorporate a bit of glitz into your projects.

6. Craft Fantastic & Glitter, Part 1 - Glitter is so great, it deserved 2 posts!

7. Dimensional Trays with Fantastic Glaze & Glue - I decided to play with some dimensional elements. Click this link to see how my projects turned out!

8. Bohemian Dangle Necklace - A fun necklace with a bit of gypsy flair! Eclectic and artsy, this piece does not conform to any rules. The key clip dangle gives it a fresh look!

9. Map Pendants - Road maps create the ultimate personalized pendants and let the recipient know how special they are.

10. Back to the Basics: Applying an Image to a Glass Cabochon - Sometimes it's good to get back to the basics. This post covered just that.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you so much, Jan! I'm happy you're enjoying it :)

  2. Love your jewlery so much fun to make. Our craft group loves your product.

    1. Thanks, Gail! It's so easy and economical to share with friends, plus it's fun for all ages :)

  3. Not sure why all of a sudden I got an email in my inbox but so glad that I did. This post is great as I was not aware of your blog! You have quite a few fabulous posts on things I want to try. Turns out that I met you at the stamping show in Novi MI in 2015. After the fabulous make and take necklace I got to make in your booth, I was hooked. I bought a few round cabochons (wanted square but you were out of those). Just yesterday, I made a necklace by myself for the first time ever and I am super excited. I will be giving it as a gift to someone who will appreciate it.

    1. That's terrific! I try to post something new on the blog each week so be sure to check back on a regular basis :)

  4. I just LOVE your products! Had seen you at Creating Keepsakes Convention in Oklahoma a few times but because you were packed, went by. This last year my friend and I actually got to sit down and do a make and take. So fun and easy and the necklace is BEAUTIFUL! So it got me thinking of other projects and for Christmas I made a pin and necklace for my sister-in-law who's much loved Grandmother had passed away. I used a copy of one of her favorite photo's of her Grandmother. Needless to say, she Loved them! Also made necklaces for her 3 niece's. Enjoyed it so much went on the make necklaces for my friend and son's girlfriend of their beloved pups and made a necklace, bracelet and ring for my daughter who's cat Oreo is her "baby". All turned out beautifully! I personalized them all with charms too! I will be uploading PICS! I'm so pleased of how they all turned out :)

    1. What great gifts, Barb! We would love to see pics! I bet all of the recipients were thrilled :)


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