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March 12, 2020

Q: Does the Glaze & Glue get old? Can I use it with my art?
A: The Glaze & Glue has a very long shelf life and should not cause any haziness or discoloration when used for making Craft Fantastic pendants even when it is several years old. My best recommendation when using original art is to actually make color copies of the art and use that under the glass. This will keep your original art pristine for all to enjoy and also allow you to reproduce as many copies of it as you need. The key when using copies of images is to use very inexpensive copy paper that does not have a coating on it. Unfortunately, that means not using paper labeled as “multipurpose”, because believe it or not, they have an almost undetectable coating on them that will not let the Glaze & Glue set up. The best paper to use is cheap, copy paper as it is porous. That means air can circulate through it and allow the Glaze & Glue to dry, forming a bond between the image and the glass.

Q: Will the trays tarnish over time?
A: The silver pieces will tarnish over time as they are silver plate over a base metal. They will tarnish more quickly if left exposed to sun and air, but if you put them away in a jewelry box, they should stay looking nice for quite awhile. If you notice your pieces starting to tarnish, you can clean them up with a soft jewelry cloth and they should be good as new. 

Q: How do I request a beach or ocean themed image sheet?
A: We pass all image sheet requests on to the owner as she designs all of the images. We have been talking about adding some vacation destination images and this would work perfectly. 

June 13, 2018

Q: How do I size & cut your images?
A: Our images are designed to fit the various shapes of glass. The process makes it easy to cut away the excess. Here's a link to a blogpost regarding the basics of attaching an image to a glass cab. The article has lots of information and I think it will answer all of your questions.

Q: What other products can I use under the glass cabs?
A: Besides our Fantastic Art Image sheets, you can use a multitude of other things! Try printing your own images onto copy paper (photo paper won't stick/adhere); scrapbook papers; magazine images; calendar images; music sheet papers; ephemera; book papers, etc.  Please don't use original important documents so make sure and photo copy those to use! Visit our Tutorials tab for other ideas and instruction!

Q: How do I set up an online account?
A: • Go to, Shop and add items to the cart.
     • Update the SUBTOTAL & Click CHECKOUT.
     • Enter CUSTOMER/CONTACT Information
     • CLICK: Continue to Shipping Method
     • CLICK: Continue to Payment Method, enter info and CLICK: REMEMBER ME
     • CLICK: Complete Order which will generate an order confirmation email asking you to
        ACTIVATE your account and create a password.
     • Already have an account but forgot your password? Send us an email at and we will send you an email to reset your password!

May 7, 2018

Q: Can I use glitter with your products?
A: Yes, glitter can be used to accent the images displayed under the glass with fabulous results! Check out this article devoted entirely to using glitter with Craft Fantastic products HERE.

Q: Do you have a storefront?
A: We are planning on opening a retail location in Albuquerque, NM in the Summer of 2018. In addition to our fabulous Craft Fantastic jewelry products, we will also carry exotic papers and paper goods, some art supplies, and a few specialty gift items. Watch our Facebook page for updates!

Q: Can you use magazine images under the glass?
A: Magazine images can be used for the jewelry, however, they have a tendency to be kind of thin, so it can be a delicate process. It's best not to handle the glass too much once the image has been applied as it can easily tear. If you use a magazine image and do not care for the results, you can easily remove the glue and the paper by soaking the glass cabs in hot water. After 15 minutes or so, the paper and glue will start to soften and then the glass can easily be scraped clean using your thumbnail or a craft knife. After that, the glass piece will be good as new and you can use it again.

April 11, 2018

Q: How do I stay up to date on sales and specials?
A: Sign up HERE to receive our monthly newsletter. We share exclusive online specials, new product peeks, and one lucky subscriber is randomly selected to receive a $100 gift certificate to spend online each month! If you're looking for the latest & greatest Craft Fantastic news you'll find it in our newsletter!

Q: Where do I find your show schedule?
A: We travel the country to create a unique shopping experience for our Crafty Friends. Visit our booth and you'll find INSPIRING SAMPLES, a fabulous FREE Make & Take and our TEAM OF EXPERTS waiting to answer your questions! Grab your crafty pals and come see us! You'll find our most recent show schedule on our website HERE

Q: What are some techniques I can use with your products?
A: You'll many tips and techniques in the TUTORIAL section of our blog. 

March 12, 2108

Q: What is your shipping schedule?
A: We fill and ship orders on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. Orders must be received by 8:00am mountain time to be included in outgoing shipments for that day. All shipments are shipped USPS Priority Mail and typically reach the recipient 2-3 business days after being shipped. Remember, shipping is FREE for order $50 and over!

Q: Help! My glass fell out of the tray! Why?
A: It sounds like the pieces just need a little more drying time. When the paper is wet, the structure is compromised and it will separate into layers. If you’re seeing the paper attached to the tray and also to the back of the glass, I am guessing that is what’s happening here. Also, the glue will take longer to dry during cooler and/or rainy weather. Try making the glass and leaving it overnight before cutting it out to see if the added drying time makes a difference. Also, be sure to cut the paper right up next to the glass. Do not angle the scissors under the glass to cut. This will sometimes break the seal between the paper and glass causing the paper to peel off the cab before it is affixed to the tray.

Q: Can I use self-adhesive postage stamps under the glass?
A: If you are using stamps with a shiny finish, I would recommend making photocopies. If the stamps do not have a shiny finish, but they have an adhesive backing, I would recommend pressing them onto a regular piece of paper and then using the normal steps to attach it to the cabs and tray. I have a feeling if you try to use the adhesive back on the stamps to press them into the trays, you might end up with air bubbles that will distort the stamp under the glass. 

February 7, 2108

Q: Can the Glaze & Glue be used for other materials such as wood, plastic, metal and stone?
A: Yes, the Sticky Dots are high-tack adhesive dots and work very well when attaching other materials. I particularly like them for attaching small, light-weight elements to scrapbook pages and handmade cards. If you are working with something that is heavy or large, like a stone, you may want to use multiple dots. If the item is very bulky, or very heavy, you might want to consider a different adhesive. I would hate for something to fall off your beautiful project later on.

Q: Can the Glaze & Glue be used to glaze a stamped image?
A: Yes, the Glaze & Glue makes a wonderful glaze that will add beautiful shiny, raised dimension to whatever you apply it to. One thing to keep in mind, is a water-based product so if you stamp your image with a water-based ink, you may experience some running. I have used it on top of inks that are not water-based and had very good results. When I used to be a cardmaker, my favorite ink was Versafine which is a wonderful pigment ink pad that is able to capture the fine details on even the most intricate of stamped images. Also, once the Glaze & Glue has been applied, be sure to let it dry completely (overnight) before handling.

Q: Is it ok to store my bottle of Glaze & Glue on its side?
A: Yes, the Glaze & Glue can be stored upright or on its side. Preferrably in a cool spot out of direct sunlight, with the cap on. If the cap becomes clogged, a paper clip or hat pin can be used to clear the opening. Also, refrain from shaking the Glaze & Glue. Shaking will create lots of air bubbles which tend to distort the images under the glass cabs. 

January 10, 2018

Q: Should I use more that one Super Sticky Dot?
A: Our Super Sticky Dots are made from a high tack adhesive formulated to work with Craft Fantastic glass and trays. One dot is sufficient for all glass sizes from tiny to medium. Larger trays and glass such as the Large Ovals or Long Rectangles will require 2 dots to secure them in place. When working with the tiniest sized glass, feel free to cut the dots in half or in quarters to fit in the trays.

Q: Can I adjust the length of the Ball Chain?
A: Yes, the ball chain can easily be shortened by cutting off the excess chain with scissors.

Q: Can I buy your stuff in stores?
A: No, Craft Fantastic is not available in any retail locations, however, feel free to visit us at the 50+ scrapbook shows we do around the country.  The shows offer classes, make & takes, mega crops, etc! Plus an opportunity to shop our booth, visit with our Team of Experts and peruse the numerous samples we have on display.

December 7, 2017

Q: How do I contact Craft Fantastic?
A: Craft Fantastic representatives are available to assist you Monday through Friday, 9am-4pm MST. Feel free to call us at (505)268-1713 or email us at You can also send us a direct message on our Facebook Page. If you leave us a phone message or send us an email regarding an order, be sure to include a name, phone number and if possible, the order number in question. We are happy to help in any way we can.

Q: How do I use round glass with square images?
A:  When using round glass with square images you will apply the Glaze & Glue as you normally would. Place the glass over the portion of the image you wish to feature in your piece and cut away the excess paper after the glue has set up slightly. The images are beautiful and it can feel painful to waste some of that gorgeous design, but your finished piece will showcase your favorite part. You can also use glass that is smaller on images that are larger. Sometimes cutting away some of the detail gives the image a fresh new look!

Q: When do I use a pinch bail versus a jump ring?
A:  Trays that feature pendant bails are ready to be strung with chain and immediately turned into wearable necklaces. Trays or charms that feature a flat loop bail rather than a pendant bail require the addition of a pinch bail or jump ring to make them wearable. Add a pinch bail when using one of these trays with Craft Fantastic Neckwear. Add a jump ring when using these trays on bracelets, dangle pins, or other Craft Fantastic findings. You can also use a jump ring to add these trays to Craft Fantastic neckwear. The finished result will be a piece more trendy and causal in design, but beautiful nonetheless.

November 7, 2017

Q: Can I use glitter under the glass?
A: Absolutely! Feel free to add a little glimmer to your images by following the guidelines in these two blogposts! One shows you how to use glitter with an image and the other shows you how to use just glitter. Both methods are fabulous and fun to experiment with! Glitter Part 1 and Glitter Part 2

Q: How do I keep glue off the glass?
A: When adding an image to the glass cabochon, be sure to use enough Glaze & Glue so that it oozes slightly around the edge of the glass. Press it down to push any air bubbles out. Once the glass piece feels like it is firmly in place, take a cotton swab and swipe away the excess glue. This will ensure that most of the glue has been cleaned away early in the process and will not end up on the front of the glass while it dries.

Q: How do I make my pieces more water resistant?
A: Create your glass cabochons as you normally would and let them dry completely. When they are dry, brush another layer of the Glaze & Glue over the back being sure to cover the edge of the image to form a seal. Paper does not hold up well when exposed to water, so we do not recommend submerging the completed pieces. This method, however, will help keep your piece safe if it is accidentally exposed to some moisture. Do not wear the pieces in the shower or try to swim in them. Remove rings before washing your hands.

October 18, 2017

Q: How do I store the Glaze & Glue?
A: Store the Glaze & Glue with the lid on in a cool dry spot out of the sun. It will last a very long time if stored this way.

Q: What makes a good masculine gift?
A: The Key Clips with Medium Square Trays make a wonderful masculine gift. The trays are sized so they are not too big or too small. Finish the piece with a copy of a family photo and that will make it all the more special for your male recipient.

Q: You have so many trays and glass to chose from, what are some good supplies to start with?
A: Start with a Fantastic Deluxe Pendant Kit. It has a marvelous mix of Medium Round and Medium Square Trays in both Antique Brass and Silver finishes, matching glass, Rolo Chains, a sheet of Super Sticky Dots, a full bottle of Glaze & Glue, and a sheet of Art Images. Everything needed to complete 16 heirloom quality necklaces.

September 13, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, how long will the Glaze & Glue keep? Does is dry out or have a "use by" date?
A: The Glaze & Glue will last a very long time. If stored with the lid on, it should not dry up or yellow in the bottle. I have a bottle in my personal craft stash at home that I have been using for 2-years (possibly longer). If it is exposed to extreme heat or left to sit in a windowsill, that might significantly reduce it’s shelf life, but with normal use and storage, it should last a very long time.

Q: Dear Crafty, do you have a favorite brand/type of scissors that you use for trimming around the glass?
A: We purchase our scissors from a local dollar store. These are the scissors that we use in our classes and at our Make & Take table. I use the same scissors here at the warehouse to create the samples you see on Facebook, the online store and in the newsletter. They are inexpensive, all-purpose scissors, but work well with the Glaze & Glue because once they get super gunky with glue, I don’t feel guilty about throwing them out and using a new pair. They last me 2-3 months and for the price, can’t be beat.

Q: Dear Crafty, how do you use your own photos in the Craft Fantastic products? Can you use inkjet pictures?
A: This questions comes up frequently and I think it's important to address it periodically for the folks who need a refresher and the folks who are just getting started with Craft Fantastic. Using your own photos is a fun way to customize your pieces and is actually very easy to do. It takes a bit of trial and error, but once you find the right paper and determine if your printer is going to work with the process then you are on your way! I have created an entire FAQ devoted to this very topic. Here is a link to get you started...Printing Photos and Images At Home.  

August 8, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, what makes your card kits different from others?
A: Craft Fantastic Card Kits begin with the finest 100-110 lb. cardstocks to form the bases and layers of our cards. The stunning, large, graphic images are created in-house by the owner of the company as are the card designs. They are beautifully embellished with Craft Fantastic bezels and cabochons which can be used to showcase family photos and original art. You can be assured that your recipient will keep your handmade greeting for many years.  

Q: Dear Crafty, I've taken your Latest & Greatest Jewelry Class before. If I sign up to take it again, will it be the same class?
A: No two Latest & Greatest Jewelry Classes are the same. We use our very newest & best products to create the kits for these workshops, which ensures the attendees will get a different experience each time. The kits are substantial, yet the classes are extremely affordable making them an irresistible value.

Q: Dear Crafty, how do I shorten a necklace chain?
A: Easily shorten the Rolo and Classic chains by cutting them off using a pair of scissors. I recommend using a pair that are relatively inexpensive as this process will dull the blades. We typically buy scissors from our local dollar store. Add a small jump ring to the end of the chain using pliers and your newly adjusted piece is ready to wear! The Ball and Fine Ball chains can just be clipped with no need to add a jump rings.

July 11, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, what is Craft Fantastic's Angel Policy?
A: You are welcome to create finished jewelry pieces and sell them online or at craft shows, boutiques and shops. You can also use our products to teach workshops or classes, hold fundraisers, etc. The only limitation is that you do not mass produce the images.

Q: Dear Crafty, what can I do with all of the fabulous stuff I create?
A: Craft Fantastic jewelry pieces make wonderful gifts and it's easy to have a surplus of pieces made up and ready to give. They're perfect for impromptu hostess gifts, forgotten birthdays, surprise gifts for friends, and party favors. Many of our Crafty Friends sell their jewelry creations online via Etsy, Facebook and personal websites. Also, booths at local Craft Shows are fairly inexpensive and provide a wonderful venue for interacting with potential customers and building a custom order clientele. And finally, teaching classes with Craft Fantastic products is a great way to use up excess materials, share your creative passion, and make some money in the process.

Q: Dear Crafty, what are your most popular products:
A: Our crafty friends love our adhesives! Our Super Sticky Dots and Fantastic Glaze & Glue are our bestsellers in addition to our Small Glass Rounds, Medium Glass Rounds and 24" Rolo Chain.  

June 7, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, what kind of paper do I use for printing photos?
A: The best paper to use is a standard 20lb copy/printer paper. This paper is very inexpensive and readily available at Walmart and office supply stores. The natural inclination is to use an expensive photo paper, but these papers typically have a glossy finish that do not work well with the Glaze & Glue. For more information, visit our FAQ on the blog regarding the best practices for printing photos at home... Printing Photos and Images at Home.

Q: Dear Crafty, can I use Craft Fantastic supplies in other projects?
A: Absolutely! The Fantastic Glaze & Glue and Super Sticky Dots are great adhesive additions for card making, scrapbooking and mixed media! The trays and glass cabs can easily be incorporated into a variety of projects outside of jewelry making. Use the trays to create a beautiful frame for a special photo in a scrapbook layout, add a necklace to a handmade card that can be removed and worn by the recipient, add photos to glass cabs and frame out a mirror, the possibilities are endless! Be sure to check the blog frequently for inspiration from our Design Team!

Q: Dear Crafty, my glass piece fell out of the tray. What happened?
A: If the Glaze & Glue is still pretty wet when the cab is pressed into the tray, it will compromise the structure of the paper, weakening it, and pull away from the glue dot leaving a layer of paper behind. The structure of the paper is restored and it strengthens as it dries, so if you let the Glaze & Glue dry completely before adding it to the tray, the cab will stay securely put. Here is a link to a post on the blog explaining how to get the most out the Fantastic Jeweler's Dots.

May 9, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, some of my jewelry has tarnished, how do I clean it?
A: The silver finish is silver-plate over a base metal, so it will eventually tarnish just like its more expensive counterpart when exposed to air and sunlight. It should clean up easily with a soft jewelry cloth. Here at the warehouse I put all of the samples I make into small plastic bags and store them in bins. This limits their exposure and keeps them looking like new. We have samples that are several years old and have held up well.

Q: Dear Crafty, I love your images and the paper they're printed on. What type of paper do you use?
A: Our Art Image Sheets are printed by a professional printing company. We don't have access to information regarding the brand of paper used or the exact process. The sheets are printed to our specifications using brochure paper. We cannot be sure that the brochure paper available in office supply stores is comparable to the paper used by our printer. When printing at home, we always recommend using a standard 20lb text weight copy paper. 

Q: Dear Crafty, how do I remove glue from the front of the glass?
A: Let the glue dry completely and use a craft knife or a pair of scissors to scrape it from any place it has strayed. You should be able to remove all excess dried glue using this technique and nobody will be the wiser. 

April 10, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, my scissors are getting glaze build up, how do I prevent this?
A: I recommend dedicating a pair of very inexpensive scissors to your Craft Fantastic Projects. We go to the local dollar store and pick up large quantities of cheap scissors to use at our Make & Take table. They quickly get gunked up with glue so definitely DO NOT use an expensive pair of paper or fabric scissors. Also, make sure to use a cotton swab to swipe away excess glue that has oozed out around the glass before you trim the image away. This will keep the glue build up to a minimum. Once the glue builds up, I use a craft knife to carefully scrape some of it away or I might try to clean them up with alcohol. Once they get past the point of no return, I toss them and start with a fresh pair of dollar store scissors.

Q: Dear Crafty, I just bought a magnifier for small work, but I can't use it AND use both hands with the pliers. What do you suggest?
A: I would recommend using inexpensive reading glasses to do close up work or getting a magnifier on a stand. I did a quick Google of Stand Magnifiers and it looks like they come in a variety of prices, some being very economical. Each of these options would free up your hands to use the pliers. As a matter of fact, I am now thinking of getting a stand magnifier to use here at the Craft Fantastic office!

Q: Dear Crafty, what else can I put under the glass? Or on the image between the glass and the image?
A: You can put all sort of fabulous stuff under the glass! Here are a few just off the top of my head...scanned copies of family photos, reduced copies of children's artwork, decorative scrapbook papers, wrapping paper, ephemera, postage stamps from exotic locales, map pieces commemorating a special location, paint the backs of the glass with bright nail polish to create jewel tones,  and glitter (can be used on its own or between the glass and the image)! The list goes on and on!

March 8, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, can I use glue in place of the Fantastic Jeweler's Dots? 
A: Most glues take a long time to set and because they stay wet they will sometimes cause the image to run. Plus they're chemical make-up may react with the inks in the printed images causing them to blur and discolor. The dots work perfectly because they do not need time to set and are extremely strong. Read this post on the blog to get the most from our Fantastic Jeweler's Dots and you will have sturdy pieces that last a very long time! 

Q: Dear Crafty, I have collected a lot of images over the years. What's the best way to organize and store them?
A: Here at the warehouse we use plastic shoe box storage bins with cardboard dividers. The bins are the perfect length to stand the sheets up on their sides. The dividers keep them organized by sheet or subject. The sheets are a little tall for the lids, but we use them so much for samples that we forgo the lids. It makes them easier to get to. 

Q: Dear Crafty, how do I work with the jump rings and the pliers?
A: The instinct is to pull the jump rings open, but then it's difficult to get them to close completely again. Instead, grip each side of the jump ring with the pliers and move one end up and one end down in a gentle twisting motion. To close, twist in the opposite direction. The metal has "memory" so this technique will ensure that your ring retains that nice round shape and that whatever you put on the ring is secure. "Pulling" the ring open horizontally usually leaves some sort of gap when you try to close it and squeezing the ring together will often compromise that nice, round shape making it look distorted or misshapen. Gently "twisting" the ring vertically is much easier and has a better finished look. Watch for a future tutorial on this topic.

February 8, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, what types of images can I place under the glass cabochons?
A: All sorts of wonderful things! Our Fantastic Art Image Sheets work perfectly, but feel free to experiment with scanned copies of photos and ephemera, scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, book pages, maps, tickets, a scrap from a beautiful shopping bag, etc! The options are endless and you can easily customize your finished pieces to the recipient.

Q: Dear Crafty, how do I print my own images from my home computer?
A: It's actually very easy! And fun! I have created an entire FAQ devoted to this very topic. Here is a link to get you started... Printing Images at Home. 

Q: Dear Crafty, if I don't like how my glass cab turned out, do I have to throw it away?
A: NO! There are no mistakes at Craft Fantastic! If you don't care for how your image looks under the glass cabochon, there's an easy fix. Carefully pry the cab out of the tray using a craft knife. Place the glass cab in a heat proof dish and pour boiling water over it. Let it sit for approximately 30 minutes. During that time, the paper and Glaze & Glue will start to soften and you can easily take your thumbnail and scrape it off the glass. Voila! Now you can start fresh and create that masterpiece!  

January 09, 2017

Q: Dear Crafty, can I use actual photos under the glass cabochons?
A: NEVER use original photos or artwork. Most photos have a glossy coating which will not work with the Glaze & Glue and the application of the glue might even cause the photo colors to run. Preserve your original photos and artwork by making copies or scanning them into your computer. That way you can make as many copies as your crafty heart desires and still have the originals tucked away in a photo album for all to enjoy years later.  

Q: Dear Crafty, are Craft Fantastic products safe for children to use?
A: Absolutely! We're proud to say that the Fantastic Glaze & Glue is acid-free, water based, and non-toxic. Safe for young budding artists to work with. Best of all, the process is so easy that junior Frida Kahlo's and Pablo Picasso's will quickly learn how to create their very own jewelry pieces. We do, however, recommend adult supervision. After all, it's no easy task to clean ANY type of glue out of clothing or carpets.

Q: Dear Crafty, are your glass cabochons really made of glass?
A: Yes! They are made of the finest, crystal clear, jeweler's quality glass. This ensures that whatever image you put underneath remains crisp and the colors stay true. In fact, the domed shape of most of our glass pieces will frequently enhance the image and colors. Though the cabochons have many beautiful artistic qualities, they are still made of glass and may break when dropped or mishandled.  


  1. With respect to the using actual photos for projects: I found multiple copies of old index prints and since I had spares, I decided to try to use them on some small charms. I chose the ones of my son that were close ups because, if you've ever seen index prints, you know the images are really small. I was very careful not to move the glass AT ALL once I had put it on the photo with the glue on it and much to my surprise, it worked great, enhancing the colors & magnifying the image. As it's been about a year since I carried out this experiment and the image is still as clear and vivid as ever, my guess is that it will stay that way, hopefully indefinitely.
    A word of caution though: I discovered that there is a chemical reaction between the glue and the photo ink so that once the glass piece is applied that ANY movement at all before it is completely dry will cause it to smear, distoring & ruining the image.
    It was fun as an experiment, but as Dear Crafty recommended, make copies or scan the images into your computer so that you can print & use them as many times as you want without ruining the original image.

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  2. What am I doing wrong? I made about 10 pendant and when I went to trim them the picture peeled off the glass. I used cheepo copy paper. Nothing fancy and I printed it on a correct printer..... Help?

  3. This keeps happening to me too, even after I have let it dry for several hours.

    1. Hi Anonymous- Im not sure if you got a reply to your concern but since Im not seeing one here I thought Id try to help. This is actualky a quoted reply to another question asked but Im pretty sure it could help you as well.
      "A: It sounds like the pieces just need a little more drying time. When the paper is wet, the structure is compromised and it will separate into layers. If you’re seeing the paper attached to the tray and also to the back of the glass, that's an indication the piece may not have been completely dry. Also, the glue will take longer to dry during cooler and/or rainy weather and also in humid climates. Try making the glass and leaving it overnight before cutting it out to see if the added drying time makes a difference. Also, be sure to cut the paper right up next to the glass. Do not angle the scissors under the glass to cut. This will sometimes break the seal between the paper and glass causing the paper to peel off the cab before it is affixed to the tray."

      Really hope this helps if you havent found any resolution yet!

      Regards, Sheri

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