Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Working with Fantastic Jeweler's Dots

I've received LOTS of questions regarding our Fantastic Jeweler's Dots lately. They're super easy to use, safe for all ages, and really hold up to the wear and tear of daily use. They're made of a high-tack adhesive, which means whatever you use them on will stay put for a VERY VERY VERY long time! BUT there are some steps to ensure that you get the most out of them. That prompted me to write this tutorial/FAQ post featuring our favorite little Craft Fantastic workhorses. They might be small, but they are mighty!  

First, let's look at how they work and the steps necessary to apply them to a  pendant tray. At the bottom of these instructions you'll also find answers to some commonly asked questions regarding the Fantastic Jeweler's Dots, so be sure to scroll all the way down to the bottom to get the most info out of this article.

I've chosen some different sized trays ranging from mini to extra large to demonstrate how best to position them in the trays. 

Trays sized medium and smaller will require only one Jeweler's Dot to get the job done. Tiny trays may only require a 1/2 dot. If that's the case, just cut the dot while the dot is still attached to the wax insert. If you pull the dot off the wax insert and try to cut it in half you will end up with a sticky blob attached to your scissors. Trust me on this one. 

Trays sized large and up will require 2 dots due to the larger surface area. Also, the glass pieces sized for these trays are heavier because they are larger. A second dot will ensure that they stay securely in place.

ALWAYS apply the Jeweler's Dot to the tray and burnish it down using your fingernail. This step ensures that the adhesive forms a bond with the tray. If you try to apply the dot to the paper side of the glass and then press the glass into the tray there will be less surface area that comes into contact with the tray and may even leave an air pocket between the glass and tray.  

Here I have applied all of my Jeweler's Dot to my trays taking note of size and being sure to burnish down each dot with my fingernail.

Next I remove just the thin red liner of the dot to expose the adhesive. It is easy to forget to remove this liner and then wonder why the glass fell out. Trust me on this one, too! LOL! 

Here I've removed the second red liner.

I've tried to angle the tray in this picture so that you can see the clear Jeweler's Dots are firmly attached to the tray, only the thin red liners have been removed. I have on occasion become so over zealous when creating a piece that I inadvertently pull the entire dot out of the tray, sticky and all. OOPS! When this happens, I discard the dot. Once it's been handled and exposed to the oils on your skin or to dust, the adhesive quality is compromised. Best to start with a new one. 

Next, I place my glass piece in my tray. This is particularly easy with a square or rectangle tray, but glass rounds can be a bit more challenging. If using a glass round make sure it is positioned in the manner you want. There's not much wiggle room for positioning the glass once it's in the tray. 

Press the glass piece firmly into the tray. It should feel secure right away. There's no need to let it cure or dry. It's ready to wear!  

Just another angle.

Here's my finished pieces. I create LOTS of samples for the online store, social media and to send to local shows. They get knocked around and handled pretty roughly, but I've never had a piece of glass fall out of a tray. Use these steps and I bet you'll have a similar success rate :)  


What happens if the dots get wet?
A. The Fantastic Jeweler's Dots are pretty sturdy and will definitely hold up to perspiration and other mild forms of moisture, HOWEVER, paper in general, is not sturdy and will start to deteriorate when wet. If the paper gets wet it will dissolve and the bond between the dot and the glass will weaken possibly causing the glass piece to fall out.  

Can I stick the glass cab in the tray if the Fantastic Glaze & Glue is still wet or damp? 
A. No. The Glaze & Glue should be completely dry before affixing it to the tray with a Jeweler's Dot because of the same reasons as listed above. If the paper is wet it will start to dissolve and weaken the bond between the dot and the glass. 

Can I re-use the dots?
A. No. The dots are made from a very high-tack adhesive meaning they are very strong. However, if they are handled too much, exposed to dust or oils, they will lose their tackiness. Once a dot has been placed in a tray, it cannot be scraped out and used again. 

What if I absolutely hate the way my jewelry piece turned out? Do I have to throw everything away and start over?
A. NO! Never throw a Craft Fantastic project away. If you have already affixed the glass cab into the tray, gently pry the tray out with a craft knife. Continue to scrape the tray until you have completely removed the Jeweler's Dot. Soak the piece of glass for a few minutes in very hot/boiling water. When it's cooled enough to touch, use your thumbnail to scrape the softened glue and image away from the glass. Continue to scrape until the glass bead is completely clean and ready to use again. Then take that piece of glass and tray and create something wonderful! 

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  1. These dots are same as the double sided tape with the red liner

  2. My daughter and I totally love your products. We met you at the CKC show in Connecticut two weeks ago and we love making our necklaces. Thank you so much.

  3. Because we are so dry and hot here, I still put a dab of your glue in a couple places with the dots because after my make and take with you, the glass cab fell out, and I don't want my customers pieces I make for them falling out....seems to give it that extra grip it needs....


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