Wednesday, June 6, 2018

DESIGNER KIT - Ellipse Dangle Necklace

Thank you for purchasing one of our EXCLUSIVE Designer Kits! 
We hope you enjoy wearing this one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry!

Here's a few links to help you complete the
followed by assembly instructions to finish your piece:

  1. Select images and add them to the glass cabochons using Fantastic Glaze & Glue.
  2. Using pliers, attach the Ellipse Link to the Classic Chain with a Small Jump Ring.
  3. Attach the Cute Butterfly Charm to a Small Jump Ring.
  4. String the Paisley Tray, Mini Round Pendant Tray, and Cute Butterfly Charm onto the Large Jump Ring. Attach the Large Jump Ring to the Ellipse Link using a Small Jump Ring.
  5. Add a Fantastic Jeweler's Dot to each tray and remove the red backing to expose the adhesive.
  6. Firmly press each glass piece into the corresponding tray.
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