Thursday, June 7, 2018

Family Heirloom Necklace

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing with you a beautiful heirloom necklace that was created using these amazing vintage antique brass pieces from Craft Fantastic that can be passed down through the generations to treasure for a lifetime. 

Let's get started:

1.  Choosing from hundreds of Craft Fantastic images is always the hardest part. So for this project I chose a couple of my families favorite flowers, the word "family" and the letter "K" for our name.

2.  To collage with the word "family," cut it out, add a couple drops of Fantastic Glaze & Glue to the back of the word, and place where you want it on your flower image and press down to make smooth. Allow to dry for a few minutes. If you don't, the glue could smear your image under the glass and could appear cloudy. 

3.  Add a couple drops of Glaze & Glue to a MEDIUM GLASS ROUNDS and place over the newly collage image, and press gently for a few minutes until set. Wipe off any excess glue around the edges with a Q-tip. 

(Do this step for the duo side daffodil flower image and the alphabet image too)

4.  Once dry, cut around the glass and cut out the images.

5.  Next choose a tray for your beautiful images. I chose a double sided "duo" tray so I could use two flower images and this lovely twist link tray in antique brass to give it a vintage quality. Adhere a Fantastic Super Sticky Dot to each tray. Use more dots if your tray is larger. Remove red sticky dot backing and place glass images in the trays.

6.  Attach trays and tree charm to each other with small jump rings and pliers. 

7.  To complete this design I cut my chain in half with scissors and made them equal lengths on both sides. Using small jump rings and pliers, attach a flourish connector to each piece of the chain. Attach a celtic type knot connector on each end and attach to the top of a V connector. Then attach the bottom of the V connector to the top of the duo side charm tray. 
(as shown with arrows in the picture above)

Voila! There you have a stunningly vintage heirloom piece, complete with the tree of life and a family monogram to pass down through the generations to treasure forever. I'd love to get this from my mom or grandmother. Wouldn't you?

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Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset

Supplies Used:

MINI GLASS ROUNDS (for alphabet images)

NATURE CHARM COLLECTION antique brass (family tree charm)

Seed Packets all jeweler's glass sizes (blue/white daisies image)


  1. This is gorgeous, Kim! What a beautiful idea, and I love the scrollwork of the connectors as well. I don't think I've seen these particular ones put together like this. It definitely gives it a really vintage heirloom look.

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