Sunday, March 18, 2018


Hello from Junque Drawer Designs.  As you know I am on the CRAFT FANTASTIC DESIGN TEAM and I also take my PENDANTS and other CRAFT FANTASTIC creations to local craft and vendor shows.  I always get a lot of compliments on how lovely the pieces are and how they are cleverly packaged.  I think that is definitely a selling point. Customers like to purchase something that is pleasing to the eye but also ready to give as a gift. I do mostly fall craft shows and most consumers are shopping for stocking stuffers, teachers gifts, etc.  I know a lot of you use CRAFT FANTASTIC products in your ETSY shops also.  Today I will show you what I use to package my PENDANTS.

I frequent local craft stores and look for any pocket scrapbooking cards 3"x 4" size with no particular brand preference.  There are several brands all with beautiful designs, double sided and easy to match up with any theme of jewelry piece you have created.

 I have my PENDANT and then look through my cards for a match that I like 

I clip two notches to adhere the chain

 Then I place the card with PENDANT into a 3" x 4" plastic holder which can also be purchased at local craft stores.  I like the resealable bags that you can find in the cake making aisle.  I also insert my business card on the back side.

This is just a simple way to package your creations.  


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