Tuesday, September 12, 2017


Greetings and welcome to BOO part two!!! Halloween is approaching and I'm so excited about the 2 new IMAGE SHEETS available now on the CRAFT FANTASTIC website.  They are both HALLOWEEN! 

I used the stackable SLIDE BANGLE BRACELT antique brass along with the MINI ROUND DUO SIDE TRAYS antique brass with MINI GLASS ROUNDS to create these SPOOKTACULAR bracelets! 

Other products used in this project are:

SMALL JUMP RINGS antique brass
The spider charms are from Tim Holtz and the pictured dark brown copic marker was used to color the charms to match the bangles as they are not quite silver or brass but some sort of mixture of both.  By adding color with the copic marker it helped to make the spiders closer in color to the bangle.

Once I picked out the images I wanted to use from the new HALLOWEEN MINI AND SMALL GLASS SIZES image sheet I used the FANTASTIC GLAZE AND GLUE to adhere to the MINI GLASS ROUNDS.  Once dry I cut the images out and inserted them into the MINI ROUND DUO TRAYS using the exact same image on both sides.  I also could have put a different image on the backside but thought doing them all the same would look great!

I then attached the charm and tray to each bangle using the SMALL JUMP RINGS antique brass.
Liz from JunqueDrawerDesigns.  Hope you enjoy this project!

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  1. This is DARLING! I'll have to use this idea in the near future!


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