Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Back To School Idea With Craft Fantastic

Is it Back To School where you live? Here in New Mexico it sure is! And so I thought what would be a great Back To School gift for my daughter than a shiny new key ring! So today, let me share with you what I made for her.

So lets get started. I chose the following to work with: silver key ring kit, silver watch face tray, medium round glass, silver tiny round ornate kit, tiny round glass blingcute heart charm, small silver jump rings, watercolor all sizes inspiration sheet,  fantastic super sticky dots, and fantastic glaze and glue.

Select your image from the image sheet and use a drop of glaze and glue on the flat side of the jewelers glass, place on your chosen images and hold in place until the glass grabs the image sheet.  Then once dry, use a scissor to trim around the jewelers glass. Place fantastic super sticky dot on the watch face tray on the side without the watch face. Peel off the orange piece and adhere your jewelers glass to your charm base. Then take one of the colored gems and attach to the tiny round ornate tray with a super sticky dot. Next, attach your charms to to the key ring. I am showing you both sides below.

So, what do you think of this project? Please leave a comment below and let me know if you like this project!




  1. These are cool Judy. I like both of them. What a great crafters idea.

  2. I love both projects, the key ring I took on a slightly different spin and organized all my keys, and made they easily to identify while hanging on the hook at the door. What I am most proud of is the bookmark I made. One of my daughter's many friends, struggled with family issues, etc, and found her way to my couch countless nights for a safe place, a gentle ear and no judgements. She worked her heart out and found the determination and financial help to earn her bachelors degree in Health Management. She loves and lives by her planner, so as a belated graduation/I am proud of you gift, I made her a bookmark along with a letter to explain the charms. I heart: because above all I love her, a book for all the hard work she did, a feather so she will have wings to soar to new heights, a cross to know all things through Him are possible and a tiny compass so she will stay the course and never lose her way. She cried when I gave it to her but it was personalized for her.

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