Saturday, February 10, 2018

With Love, Grandma

Hello everyone!!  Kymona from Kreative Kymona here today with a pretty necklace with my Grandmother in mind.

My Grandmother fell yesterday and hit her head pretty hard on the ground causing her to be non responsive due to bleeding on the brain.  Very scary for us indeed so I decided to dedicate today's necklaces to her.

Lets take a look:

Double hearts for my Grandmother who just turn 85 and has lived a full life.  She has 5 children, 10 grandchildren, 9 grandchildren.  She has been a staple in all of our lives.  She lived in 3 countries and talks about them all the time.

These necklaces were created using the extra large round silver trayextra large glass and 24" ball chain.

We have many stories and hope to have many more. We love you Grandma!!!!

My grandmother 85th birthday party!

What do you think?  

Who would you dedicate your necklaces to?  Let me know.

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