Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Hello Scrapbookers!!!

Does this look familiar?  It looks like a crop to me!  If not, well a crop is a gathering of people who bring their photos, memorabilia, embellishments, paper and create layouts for their scrapbooks.  These crops happen all the time and they are loads of creative fun.

So why may you ask am I talking about scrapbooking crops?  Because I have some really fun gift ideas for someone you crop with or just someone you know who is into scrapbooking. Or this could be a fun project for whenever your group gets together. (FYI I have no idea who these people are...lol ).

I picked some images I liked from the Crop Gals Image Sheet, used the MEDIUM SQUARE PENDANT TRAY silver, affixed them with a sticky dot and placed them on a 30" silver rolo chain.

I then found some fun retro scrapbook paper and will give them as gifts for all my scrapbooking friends.  Quick and easy and I'm pretty sure any fellow crafty gal will love them!!!!

Supplies used in this post are as follows:

Crop Gals Image Sheet
Medium Square Pendant Tray silver
medium glass squares
Fantastic Glaze and Glue
Fantastic Sticky Dots
30" silver rolo chain

Make sure to visit Craft Fantastic for all these supplies and keep checking this blog for new ideas!!

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  1. A fabulous project to share with a group! I don't know who those gals in the top photo are, but they look like they are having a great time! :)


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