Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Fish Extender Gifts

What is a Fish Extender you may ask?  When you sail on Disney Cruise Line each stateroom has a small silver fish or seahorse outside of the stateroom door where you receive messages,etc.  A lot of the Disney online communities started using these fish extenders to hang a homemade pocket type organizer called a "fish extender", usually Disney themed, to receive gifts from other cabins.  It's a gift exchange that happens throughout the duration of the cruise you take. You then sign up to participate in the exchange.  We have sailed 7 times on Disney Cruise Line and have participated in 4 Fish Extender gift exchanges.  I am sailing again in 2018 and have started making my gifts using old Navigators from previous cruises to obtain the images to then be used with different Craft Fantastic products.

Once I picked my images I adhered the jeweler's glass and let dry.

Here are the some of the finished Fish Extender Gifts I made:

I especially liked the look of the new Southwest tray with the Ship Logo as it reminded me a bit like a compass.  Once all my gifts are ready I package them with 3x4 pocket scrapbooking cards and put in a plastic sleeve. Here are some gifts I made from when we cruised in 2016:

I found all of the above images using scrapbook paper demonstrating how easy it is to create all kinds of gifts using Craft Fantastic trays, key rings, and neckwear. 

The following Craft Fantastic items used in this post are:

medium glass rounds
large glass rounds
x large glass rounds
medium round silver pendant tray
new Southwest tray silver and antique brass
x large round silver tray
pinch bails
key rings with clips silver
30" ball chain silver and antique brass
Fantastic Sticky Dots
Fantastic Glaze and Glue


  1. WOW! Liz, thanks for the info regarding the fish extender! What a fabulous way to make buddies on the cruise! Love how these turned out! Your future cruise buddies are going to flip!

  2. LOVE this! We went on a Disney cruise in 2015 and LOVED it. We are sailing again in October. How do you find out about the fish extender gift exchange? would love to participate in this too.

    1. Hi Sharon you can find your cruise group on Facebook. Called Disney Cruise meet. You can join and then find your sail date. Pretty much all the groups have a fish extender group that you can join. Lots of info also!!

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