Saturday, February 25, 2017

Vintage Elvis Bracelet

Hello everyone!! Kymona here from Kreative Kymona to show you how to create a Vintage Elvis Bracelet.   My coworker loves everything Elvis.  I'm not sure where this love affair came from. She was born one year before he died so she didn't grow up with him or his music.

Her love affair is very deep- she was married at Graceland, she visits Graceland every single time she is in Memphis and her house is full of Elvis. Her husband takes a back sit at time, LOL!!!

So this bracelet, will absolutely make her cry out in joy!!

Take a look:

My coworker did pick out the photos she wanted, LOL!!  I had to let her help with something!  I used photoshop to create a vintage look on each of the photos for her.

Here's how I created this Vintage Elvis Bracelet:

1. My coworker sent me the images to that she wanted on the bracelet.

2. Then I picked out the supplies need to make the bracelet: the Retro Posh Bracelet, the Fantastic Jeweler's Dots, the Fantastic Glaze and Glue 2, some Q-tips and a pair of scissors.

3.  Next, I added Fantastic Glaze & Glue 2 to the oval glass.

4. Then I placed the oval glass on top of the image making sure the glass covered parts of the image I wanted to see. I press down hard so that the glue moves and cover the entire image underneath.

5. I waited for about 2-3 minutes to make sure the glue set.  I used my finger to push the glass a bit.  If it does not move, then it's set.  

6. Once the glue set, I used a Q-tip to remove the excess glue around the edges.

7. Before placing the oval glass in the bracelet tray, I added two Fantastic Jeweler's Dot in the center of the try. Once the dot is in place, remove the red backing.

8.  Place the heart directly in the try and press down.  The tape is strong and will hold the glass.

Nice and pretty simple.  

Take another look at the bracelet, on my arm:

I love how this turned out.  I sure hope my coworker loves it too!!

So what do you think?  Do you think my coworker will love this piece of handmade jewelry? Would you give this jewelry making a try? Please let me know below.  I would love to hear from you!!

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  1. I LOVE Elvis too and this is amazing! She will LOVE it! Very cool!

    1. Hey Kim!! Thank you! My coworker is trying to figure out how she could work at his place in Memphis and still live in NY. LOL!

  2. Your coworker is going to flip, Kymona! It's so great that you also got her involved by having her select the photos. I'm sure that sent her over the moon, LOL!

    1. Hey Cheryl!! She sure did flip! She showed everyone at work and no one, I mean no one could touch it. Not even me! LOL


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