Wednesday, December 9, 2015

6 Last Minute Christmas Projects!

It's 5:00pm on December 23rd and you hear an unexpected knock on your door. Who could it be? A quick peak through the peephole reveals it's Aunt Beatrice with her rosy cheeks, dimpled grin and one of her famous fruitcakes in tow.  Oh, no! Aunt Beatrice wasn't on your shopping list! You don't even have a Christmas card for her! What to do???!!! The panic starts to build, but then you remember. You have handmade Craft Fantastic jewelry pieces already made and packaged for giving. Phew! You regain your composure, open the door and give Aunt Beatrice a big hug and a warm smile. Crisis averted.

Don't you love a story that turns out well in the end? Me, too! Here are six quick and easy last minute Craft Fantastic projects you can whip up in no time. Keep them on hand to share with unexpected guests, forgotten Christmas List recipients, and that fabulous party hostess who throws the swankiest soirées. You never dreamed you'd score an invite to her Holiday Extravaganza, but you did. Congratulations.

These are so easy and only one of these projects requires a jump ring. The rest are as basic as applying an image to a glass cab, affixing it to a tray and then adding a finding of your choice to transform it into a ring, key chain, bracelet, pendant or earrings. These are sure to please and put a  grateful smile on the lucky recipient's face.

Go forth and be a crafty hero. Happy Holidays!

Six pretty pieces ready to make someone happy.

Craft Fantastic Keychain w/ Clip

Craft Fantastic Leatherette Bracelet

Craft Fantastic Mini Round Rope Ring


  1. Great ideas! Pretty much every gift I'm giving this year was made using Craft Fantastic stuff!! :-)


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