Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Marvelous Upcycled Pencil Holders by Jeanne Streiff!

Today I'm sharing a project from Craft Fantastic Designer, Jeanne Streiff! 

Jeanne has cleverly taken a seemingly simple item that for most of us would end up in the recycling bin or (fret) the trashcan and turned it into something we would proudly use and display on a daily basis. The item in question? A nondescript, ordinary aluminum can. You know the kind, usually filled with veggies, fruit cocktail, soup or the even the occasional fried onions. I know if I open my pantry door right now, I would have at least a dozen of these sitting on a shelf.

Leave it to Jeanne to see inspiration in that simple can and turn it into something beautiful and worthy of space in her art studio or home office!

She started with a few Earth Safe Finishes Chalk It Up Paints in varying jewel tones, added strips of designer paper and twine, and then finished them with decorative Craft Fantastic Pendants featuring the Medium Round Dotty, Small Rectangle, and Dew Drop Trays along with corresponding glass cabochons. You can see more details on her blog HERE and on the Earth Safe Finishes Blog HERE.    

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