Monday, October 29, 2012

'Tis near Halloween!

When witches go riding
and black cats are seen,
the moon laughs and whispers
'tis near Halloween!

Here at Craft Fantastic, we're big fans of this colorfully festive celebration.  It brings back happy memories of panhandling door to door dressed as our favorite cartoon character or superhero, or if we were brave enough, perhaps something more on the sinister side.  Mom and dad were always standing by to escort us along our journey and a cool nip in the air might mean that our carefully constructed costume would be obliterated by a bulky warm coat, but we didn't care.  There was candy to be had!  Even though the occasional toothbrush or apple found it's way into our plastic pumpkin head, we were always giddy with our loot at the end of the evening, which always ended with a big shower of candy on the kitchen table as we dumped the contents of the night's haul out for full display.  Who had the biggest pile?  Who acquired the best candy?  Ah, the simple joys of being a child.

Nowadays our treats have changed a bit.  Sure, we still enjoy the gooey deliciousness of a mini Snickers or 2 (or 5), but sometimes we like to mix it up with something of the fat-free variety.  I'm talking about Halloween goodies that put a smile on your lips and provide enjoyment throughout the year.

Take a look at these Halloween projects created by our resident Craft Fantastic Artists, Teresa Frankenstein and Shay Silva.  This incredibly yummy eye-candy is sure to quell your Halloween cravings.

Find the glass beads, trays, images, and Craft Fantastic Glaze and Glue in the Craft Fantastic shop!

Created by Teresa Frankenstein:
  Find the glass beads, trays, images and glue in the Craft Fantastic Shop.

Created by Shay Silva

Created by Shay Silva:
Find the glass bead, image and glue in the Craft Fantastic Shop.

Created by Shay Silva

Created by Shay Silva:
Find the glass beads and glue in the Craft Fantastic Shop.

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