Saturday, July 8, 2017

8x8 Camping Scrapbook Layout

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing this 8x8 scrapbooking album I made with patterned camping paper and these really cool alphabet tile images from Craft Fantastic 

Nothing says summer like camping!  Anthis 8" x 8" album is the perfect size for those little moments you want to remember, but maybe don't have a lot of pictures, or you don't want to make a huge 12" albumAnd believe it, I only used one pad of 8x8 patterned camping paper so my whole album coordinated nicely and came together really fast too!  

And like most scrapbookers, I create in arrears and as you can see, I'm still scrapbooking 2010. And that is okay. Design whatever year you want and what makes you happy. I used to scrapbook chronologically and then I got bored. So, now I jump around from year to year and project to project and that makes me happy to relive those special moments. 

Next I used a 1" square punch to punch out my Alphabet Letters for the cover and on a few special pages.  And then adhered the letters with Craft Fantastic Super Sticky Dots. It made it so much easier to adhere the letters to the album cover and the pages and they won't easily come off.

Voila! Another great idea using your scrapbooking supplies, your favorite patterned paper, or even your scraps along with these wonderful Craft Fantastic  products, because they're not just for jewelry making anymore. The possibilities are truly endless for so many projects!  Be sure to check out all of our fabulous projects on the Blog for more ideas.    

Please leave us a comment and let us know what you think of our projects and what you're making. We’d love to hear from you.  Happy Camping and thanks for stopping by!

-Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset

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