Saturday, April 28, 2018

Mothers Day Gift Ideas

Hi everybody! Kim here from My Kraft Kloset sharing a very special bracelet I made using these wonderful products from Craft Fantastic. As Mother’s Day is approaching next month on Sunday, May 13th you still have plenty of time to order this amazing kit and make several handmade gifts for all the special ladies in your life.

Let's get started in 4 easy steps:

1.  I started with a Retro Square Bracelet Kit in antique brass which includes one bracelet and 8 Glass Squares.  

2.  Next choose from hundreds of Craft Fantastic images, which is always the hard part. I love them all! Or choose this *NEW* Sewing mini image sheet, like I used, because it reminded me of those sewing patterns from my childhood.

3.  Add a few drops of Fantastic Glaze & Glue on the back of each Glass Squares and press gently for a few minutes and hold until set. Repeat until you have eight amazing images. Wipe off any excess glue around the edges with a Q-tip.

4.  Once dry, cut around the glass and cut out the images. Adhere a Fantastic Super Sticky Dot to each square space on the bracelet and remove the red backing. I suggest laying out your images in a row to decide where to place each image first, before you add them to the bracelet and complete. 

Voila! There you have a uniquely designed gift for Mother's Day or any upcoming occasions like Graduation, Birthday, Wedding, Baby Mama gift or special gifts for a seamstress, crafter, fashionista or any special day.

Be sure to check out our *NEW* Designer Kits-of-the Month and get started designing special gifts and keep a few for yourself too, because they are stunning! The possibilities are truly endless with these super fantastic products! Thanks for stopping by!

Kim Klinkovsky @mykraftkloset


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