Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Braided Double Wrap Bracelet!

I am flipping out over these new Faux Leather Necklaces! So much so that I can't wait to share my latest project with you. I've simply removed the hardware, braided three cords together added new hardware and created a ridiculously fun Double Wrap Bracelet! 

What You'll Need

Craft Fantastic Faux Leather Necklaces - You'll need 3 in whatever color combo your heart desires. Or use 3 cords in one color for a cleaner look.

It's crazy to think that just a few simple supplies will yield a beautiful bracelet in about 15 minutes.

Using pliers remove the jump rings and hardware from each end of the Faux Leather Necklaces.

String a small jump ring through the loops on one end of the necklaces. Add a lobster clasp before closing the jump ring.

I used the lobster clasps that we carry in the online store. They are a little larger than the clasps I removed, but I think the large size makes them easier to open and close on a bracelet.

Now I'm ready to braid. 

Securely holding the end sporting the lobster clasp between my index finger and middle finger, I lay the black cord over the purple cord so that it sits in the middle of the three cords.

Next, I lay the aqua cord over the black cord so that it sits in the middle of the three cords.

Next, I lay the purple cord over the aqua cord and continue in this manner.

After only a few minutes, my bracelet is really beginning to take shape.

I've reached the end of my braid.

I'll loop all of these ends together with another small jump ring.

I added another small jump ring and affixed one of the shortened extender chains that I originally removed from one of the cords at the beginning of the project. 

Fast, easy, fun!

I've added a mini round charm tray to give my piece even more personality.

WOW! That was fast! A fabulous braided bracelet in about 15 minutes! I think I'll make several of these and hold on to them for upcoming birthday, graduation and hostess gifts. Plus I'll need a few just for me, too :)

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See you next week with something new!

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