Tuesday, October 6, 2015

A Special Halloween Project from Rina Meyers!

It's that time! The evenings are crisp and cool, and the leaves on the trees are beginning their transition into the Fall palette. The lush verdant greens are slowly giving way to rich golds, vibrant oranges and fiery reds. Yes, Autumn has made it's annual debut bringing with it wonderful celebrations that promote the absolute best of this season...Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and Thanksgiving.

I love them all, but Halloween has a special place in my heart. Maybe it's the nostalgic memories of dressing up in my favorite costume and panhandling for candy door to door when I was a kid. Those were good times even if mom did make me wear a jacket over my awesome Wonder Woman outfit. I still knew I was wearing it and it made me feel like a superhero, which is all that mattered.

I loved scouring the neighborhood with a group of my best pals and shouting "Trick or Treat" through an ill-fitting plastic mask that had to be adjusted every time I moved my head. I remember carrying a large orange plastic pumpkin that I hoped would be overflowing by the end of my trek. The more ambitious kids in our group carried pillow cases, which at the time, I thought was strange, but those kids are all probably very successful business people now due to their "think big" attitude. The evening would end by dumping the contents of my big orange pumpkin on the dining room table for all to admire. To me this glorious pile of sugary confections resembled Mount Everest. Much to my chagrin Dad always plucked a few of his favorites out of my hard-earned candy wages, but now that I look back it was sort of like paying a kid tax, so I guess that was fair.

Today, Craft Fantastic Design Team Member, Rina Meyers has tapped into my weak spot for all things Halloween and created a special project that is dripping with spooky details! She has used LOTS of Craft Fantastic trays, glass, chain, and findings to create a gorgeous Halloween Wonderland! Everywhere you look your eyes will be rewarded with yet another fabulous detail. She has also included a tutorial showing you how you to make the vintage Halloween books featured in her design. Be sure to subscribe to Rina's YouTube Channel and you'll never miss one of her posts!


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